Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Often the term Artificial Intelligence is being used for any algorithm that is cleverly thought of! Although the origin of these algorithms may be very intelligent, and the algorithms work in a smart way, we wouldn’t call them Artificial Intelligence. Even algorithms that work within the field of Artificial Intelligence, are rarely very intelligent.

The field of Artificial Intelligence has more definitions. One definition is that the way the algorithm is working is taught during a training phase, which both saves a programmer time and probably ends up with a better result. This is also known as Machine Learning. When we state that we work with Artificial Intelligence, this is what we mean.

Real, or “strong”, Artificial Intelligence will make robots think and act like human beings. This is not what we do!

Wax on, wax off

To train an Artificial Intelligence, you need to make training sets to train the algorithm. A training set is a set of input values along with preferred outputs. It is up to the algorithm training to figure out how to get from the input to the output. The better the algorithm is trained, the easier it will be to find the proper output to a given input.