The products described here are divided into two categories: HOTS and everything else. HOTS is our online platform, where you may access or upload traffic data, and see the results of having us process the data.


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With more than a decade of customer projects and applications asking for extremely high precision and coverage requirements, we have frequently had the need to perform netmatching, and hence  we have implemented a tool for exactly this.

Traffic Data Accuracy Tool

Traffic Data Accuracy Tool™ (TDAT™) by Hermes Traffic Intelligence uses proven and transparent methods to analyze, validate and certify critical data purchased from services such as Garmin, TomTom, HERE, and Google/Waze.

Video Analysis

We have developed algorithms for analysing drone imagery from different scenarios. If you wish to obtain knowledge about traffic for a given stretch this requires a specific set of functionality, while area based knowledge requires a different set.

Corridor Travel Times

Mining large amounts of traffic data to find the measurements or raw GPS points related to a single corridor, or connecting two gates, may be both cumbersome and time consuming - unless you use the Corridor Travel Time tool from Hermes Traffic Intelligence. The tool lets you describe the corridors you are interested in, perform the necessary data queries, and will let you know when the results are ready.