Floating Car Data

Floating Car Data

The Danish Road Directorate (DRD) has been gathering floating car data (FCD), both near real-time and historic, for several years. Data are subsequently used to estimate travel times throughout the Danish road infrastructure. This has been used for both strategic decision-making as well as for tactical planning support for the commuters through Internet route planning services and numerous other applications.

Data handling

Since 2009 the people behind Hermes Traffic Intelligence have been involved in the work with the FCD at DRD. The work involves receiving data from a number of data suppliers, distilling, analysis, and querying data, and subsequent work on e.g. validating data and quality of results based on data.

Vehicle classification

From 2016-2017, Hermes classified the type of vehicles from which the FCD were collected. An increasing amount of data had either no or an uncertain classification. Hermes was able to assign "car" or "lorry" labels to vehicles by looking at the relative velocity and trusted data from previous years.

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