Tube Platform

Tube Platform

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The Tube Platform provides an intelligent bicycle information service. Tube Platform is developed in a collaboration between Hermes Traffic Intelligence, Technolution, Jesper K. Thomsen, and the City of Copenhagen.

Innovation Focus

The Tube provides dynamic information to cyclists on current and predicted travel times over bicycle routes throughout the city. The dynamic information is brought to cyclists via a homepage, a smartphone app (the I Bike Cph app with added functionality), and dedicated on-street signs. The smartphone app is also used to gather floating vehicle/bicycle data that feeds a (bicycle) traffic state estimator. Data can also be used to enable cyclist to ‘earn’ more green time along popular cycle routes.


The Tube Platform has the potential to strengthen the city in its position as a living area, for instance by dynamic demarcation of and guidance along the scenic and interesting cycle routes and towards meeting places in the city. It enhances competitiveness of the bicycle as a serious alternative for the passenger car by: (i) enhancing the fun factor of cycling e.g. by enabling the possibility for cyclists to earn more green time along popular routes, (ii) guiding cyclists as add-on to regular route planners, and (iii) providing feedback to cyclist on the time they have saved and the improved health conditions they have gained.