Here you will find descriptions of some of the projects Hermes Traffic Intelligence have been involved in.

Peloton Compagnon

The Peloton Compagnon project is aimed at improving safety for cyclist groups or smaller arrangements. It consists of an app and a backend-service.


CKAN is used for handling metadata describing large amounts of data. Unfortunately, the standard CKAN installation does not support the project structure used at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Therefore Hermes has worked on a CKAN extension that allows datasets to be registered in a project structure. 

Floating Car Data

Since 2009 we have been working with Floating Car Data. The work has included obtaining data from data suppliers, distilling, analysis, and querying data, and subsequent work on e.g. validating data and quality of results based on data.

Trigger Framework

A data trigger framework is used to optimize and improve traffic flow e.g. before, during and after major public events.

Tube Platform

The Tube Platform provides an intelligent bicycle information service.