If you wonder whether your traffic data may turn out to be more valuable than you initially thought you are welcome to contact Hermes Traffic Intelligence for a brief overlook at the possibilities.

In Greek mythology Hermes is the messenger and herald of the gods. He is also the god of commerce, cunning, invention, and theft. He is also identified with the Roman god Mercury.

At Hermes Traffic Intelligence we strive to live up to the positive parts related to the name. We may not be the messenger of the gods, but we bring messages to the daily commuter about the best route to take in traffic. We provide data driven decision support (3DS) related to traffic on any level. This includes idea generation, evolution, nudging, and nursing as well as data handling. We provide 3DS for governmental and municipal infrastructure investments as well as travel selection for individual day to day commuters. The overall company philosophy is to promote pervasive traffic intelligence, where every decision maker in traffic are given the necessary support on any decision.

The amount of data available today is staggering. We provide the knowhow to empower any decision maker, from authorities and municipalities to companies and end users, to obtain the full value of processed data.

We work with all aspects of handling traffic data, from acquisitioning and handling to processing and presenting. Data processing is based on highly advanced algorithms and statistics, and the methods used are rooted in e.g. mathematics, computer science, operations research, artificial intelligence, and common sense.

We thrive at participating in innovative initiatives both as active contributors as well as facilitators and scientific discussion partners. We have participated in several workshops on subjects ranging from improving electrical vehicle penetration in the capitol region of Denmark over digital frameworks for infrastructural information to intelligent systems for cargo distribution.

Hermes Traffic Intelligence are situated at the campus of the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. This location gives us an advantage in both easy access to academia and research within traffic related issues and in the recruitment of employees among some of the best brains in Denmark.