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So, what is this BIKE™eco-system?

The BIKE™ eco-system delivers data from bicycles to road administrators that will evaluate changes to the bicycle infrastructure, get insights into when and where bicycles move, find the most, or least, used origins and destinations, or simply want to now more about the bicycle behaviour in an area.

Data are collected from suppliers. A supplier may have data from devices fixed to, or mounted on, bicycles, or from devices used by the cyclists. All the suppliers that are part of the eco-system delivers data to be homogenized and anonymized before being made available to the road administrators.

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Floating Car Data
Traffic Data Accuracy Tool

In Greek mythology Hermes is messenger and herald of the gods, and he is identified with the Roman god Mercury.

At Hermes Traffic Intelligence we help road administrators, whether national, regional or local, to give their traffic data value by supporting decisions. We have a large algorithmic toolbox to help decision makers, and if the proper tool is not available to us, we will develop it in collaboration with the customer.