Take a look at some of the technologies we excel at, and the publications we have made to tell about them.

Decision Chain Management

Decision Chain Management is the cornerstone of almost everything we do. Design, implementation, validation, and quality assurance are sometimes so obvious that we don’t even mention them.

Operations Research

Operations Research is often used within transportation, e.g. to find the shortest route to cover a number of customers, or to pack a container ship. The methods used may also be applied in areas not often thought of in relation to traditional Operations Research.

Traffic Simulation

SUMO is a free and open traffic simulation suite which has been available since 2001. It offers a broad range of tools and solutions and has been under development  for many years.

Artificial Intelligence

Real, or “strong”, Artificial Intelligence will make robots think and act like human beings. This is not what we do!

Pervasive Traffic Intelligence

Pervasive Traffic Intelligence is the concept of intelligent systems that strengthen the crucial collaboration between all decision makers within traffic - both the individual drivers and the authorities.


Here you will find a number of the papers we have published on some of the work we have done.