Street Interviews

Street Interviews

To learn more about the opportunities with street interviews, or to become a member of the interview team, please contact Hermes Traffic Intelligence

Traffic data come in many different shapes, sizes, and formats and they are usually measured using one or more sensor technologies. To measure e.g. how well a new sign is understood by the public, or how changes to the road layout will ease the daily commute, it is sometimes necessary to ask cyclists, car drivers, or pedestrians.

To perform on-street interviews we have a team of interviewers who will perform the interviews. Often a short questionnaire is used, either on paper or filled in using a tablet computer. The answers are then collected and processed like any other type of traffic data.

Please contact us if you would like to join our team of interviewers. Write us an e-mail with your name and contact info, the language(s) you speak, and the areas you would like to perform interviews in. We have done most interviews in Danish, in the city of Copenhagen, but we would like to expand the team with people having other language skills and/or living in other parts of the world.