Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the envelope

If you wonder whether your traffic data may turn out to be more valuable than you initially thought you are welcome to contact Hermes Traffic Intelligence for a brief overlook at the possibilities.

Since 2009 the people behind Hermes Traffic Intelligence have provided consultancy and applications within Floating Vehicle Data (FVD / Probe data) and Digital Networks for the Danish Road Directorate (DRD). Recent work has been on digital network coupling and detailed refined data precision estimation.

We have also worked on detailed map matching (sometimes named route matching). The DRD has very high precision and representation requirements and we have assisted in developing additional advanced data grooming and refinement algorithms.

All algorithms and applications have been developed for both online/real-time operation as well as bulk computations for historic statistical results.

We are presently maintaining the DRD real-time FVD portal handling several thousand simultaneously active vehicles. Continuous idea and solution development for real data and applications with the DRD has proven that we can push the envelope for deployed ITS.