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Hermes Online Traffic Services

Try a demo of HOTS here:

Follow the link, choose 'demo login', and log in with the credentials offered. Now you can see road and bike path qualiy around Lyngby in Denmark by activating the burger menu.

You are welcome to contact Hermes Traffic Intelligence to learn more about processing of traffic data or pricing related to a HOTS subscription:

Get your traffic data processed online

HOTS is an abbreviation for Hermes Online Traffic Services, which is a powerful web-based platform for the presentation of processed of traffic data.

A number of services for the HOTS platform are planned. It has been released with these two services:

  1. Road Surfaces Quality
  2. Bike path Surface Quality

Road Surface Quality

Road Surface Quality (RSQ) is based on crowd sourced data. The surface quality is measured using a smartphone app. The smartphone is fixed to the windscreen of a car, and the app measures the vibrations of the car while driving through the smartphone. By collecting data from multiple smartphone users in the same area, the system estimates the quality of the road surface on each stretch of the road network.

A specific HOTS subscription for the Road Surface Quality is necessary to see the actual measurements. For the demo user the road surface quality of an area north of Copenhagen, Denmark, is available at no charge.

Bike path Surface Quality

Customers who have requested a measurement of the surface quality of bike paths in a given area may see the results of their request using the HOTS platform. The results are shown as colours on the bike path according to the measured quality. A video snippet showing the actual bike path when measured is also displayed on the platform.

More features on these data are planned for later releases.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis was originally developed for use on drone videos only. Therefore image stabilization is part of the video processing. For videos originating from fixed cameras stabilizing usually is not necessary.

Traffic in the stabilized video is counted, and the result is a report that can be downloaded from HOTS when the processing is completed. Analysis of one or more videos on HOTS will be identified as jobs. It takes time to perform the jobs, and therefor the user will be notified when a job is completed. You can follow the progress of each job via HOTS and download the results as they appear.

The HOTS Video Analysis service has not yet been released. It is planned for Q2 2019.

Digital Network Quality Assessment

Digital Networks comes from a plethora of sources, many with distinct historic origins and also before the superfluous amounts of sensor data available today. We have specialists and designed tools for performing quality assurance on individual digital networks or on couplings between digital networks. This knowledge is vital as the applied technology becomes more and more dependent on automatic and consistent processing. The Digital Network Quallity Assessment (DNQ) results can be presented on the HOTS platform for direct visual realization of issues and assessment results.

The HOTS DNQ service has not yet been released. It is planned for Q2 2019.